Monthly Archives: April 2013

What I found

What I found was 2 frames a 78′ and and a 79′ T140v. Both were in nice condition but the 78′ had the rear loop cut off and a support bar welded in. This was also the one with the title. The guy that had them was named Dominic and told me he had bought them for his brother who had never come get them. Unfortunately the title hadn’t been transferred to him and was still in the name of a gentleman 2 1/2 hours southwest of me. Additionally I got a nice slim line gas tank with the deal, sometimes things just fall into place. The thing is its the perfect tank. Didn’t plan it, didn’t expect it but somehow it found the project in a way shapes the project. Next was the engine. Found it┬ácouple hours away and identified it as what I was looking for with little more then a dark grainy cell phone picture on craigslist. I got my power plant a 74′ 750 motor. It came attached to a late 60’s frame which had a bolt on hardtail with some pretty horrible bondo blending of joints. Additionally a cool little peanut tank with a club insignia on it, a hexagon oil tank, invader rims with the front mini drum that couldn’t stop a monkey bike with a toddler on it, and a well worn king and queen with a bitchin eagle triumph sissy bar. It was old school in the truest most authentic 70’s chopper form. The motor was stuck and I had to pay a college kid 10 buck to help drag it into the shed but once I had it I felt alot less crazy for deciding I could build a bike from the ground up.