The Links

Triumph owners forum, It amazes me how much help strangers are willing to give some else with the same passion as them.
Great parts and knowledge supplier. Although not always the cheapest source.
This bike builders blog frequently post his “Daily Inspiration”, this blog is huge  inspiration to me to cronical my build in this blog check it out way cooler then my site.
Lumad is a absolute mad genius. His videos are awesome for any Triumph guy that wants to work on his bike. Great tips for doing more with less and pointing out the gotchas you’ll run into.
Lowbrow just has cool stuff. Great DIY info there as well and Wes White’s videos sold on the site are great for helping you work on your bike.
This is the local powder coater I used for my engine covers and spokes. Really nice guy with a great sense for putting quality work out. Would love to have some more parts done after I get the bike together will revisit some parts in the winter months.
Some neat products for the DIYers out there. Did the brass plating on my nickel allen bolts and have a epoxy tank sealer kit I have yet to use but I hear they are way better long term than Kream kits.


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