Building character

Somewhere in here I painted the tank. There were some small dents I had to take care of and the whole thing got sanded down to metal through several layers of none original paint. I’m a rattle can painter. Slow buildup of lots of layers and lots of fine sanding and I really believe to can get a really nice result. I also have a secret weapon, a clear coat made for those gas powered remote control cars that has really good fuel resistance and I’ve never had problems with paint incompatibilities either. I had simpler ideas for the tank as I remember when I started but as the masking tape goes on sometimes plans change. I love how it came out and defines the character of the bike. Its not stock but pays a little tribute to the original paint schemes and adds tasteful customization that make it mine. The logo is just a decal available from lowbrow customs but never understood emblems. After finishing the tank paint I completely screwed it up with the clear coat running. So whole thing will get redone at some point but think in the end it was necessary to get “rough” draft of it down.

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