Waxing Philosophical

There are a ton of canned responses to why people ride. Even a film out at the moment dubbed, “Why We Ride”. On paper it’s a ridiculous thing to get yourself into. Besides the obvious impracticality of it as a vehicle for most people, the inherent danger, the worrying of loved ones, the inevitable drain on your finances some people say it worth it. What do they all get from it. I’m sure there are common themes that would run through most people’s answers, usually words like, thrill , alive, freedom are going to be used. For me it makes me feel small. Even insignificant and that makes me happy. Those other buzz words are floating around in my feelings on the subject but the predominant one is that same feeling when you go to a location that is very awe inspiring or grand or the one you get on that exceptionally clear night that the stars seam to stretch some many more dimensions away from you. We are a tiny spec on a small floating marble in an absolutely endlessly vast expanse. Passing a tractor trailer tipping the scales at tons I am me measly few hundred pounds enters my mind. Just having a road lane that is 3 times as wide as I actually need is on my mind when I ride.

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